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Asteria's Logbook 01: A Return To Reality (AKA Updates)

Touhou - Aya by ken (coffee michikusa)


Evidently, I have not been able to blog much for the last past 3 weeks. Besides studying rather feverishly for finals doing said weeks, I also caught bad stomach bug that seems to be doing its rounds lately to almost everyone I know. Feeling a whole better than I was 4 day ago, I decided to start a journal or logbook to 1.) Provide quick updates and 2.) Give me a chance to improve my writing and write something other than reviews (or to spew whatever crap comes out of my head). I also didn't want to be all about anime/manga/or games, but sadly, I think the first edition would entitle me to that. I'll try to keep it as generally and short as possible (sort of in terms of the latter).


Despite, doing a massive amount of studying for my exams (which seems to paying off, since I aced my MIS class with an "A"), I have always made time to get in some quality anime viewing. Apart from the current lineup of series that I enjoy like: Tokyo Ravens, Non Non Biyori, Outbreak Company, and Log Horizon amongst others - I also been watching a multitude of older titles. Recently, I finished: Ruin Explorers, Mahou Tsukai Tai (OVA series), GJ-Bu, Joshiraku, Mirai Nikki, Jubei-chan, We Without Wings, and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, and few others I won't name now.. Currently pending/watching titles are: Slayers, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Blood-C, Mahou Tsukai Tai (TV series), Interlude, Fam The Sliver Wing, and others too numerous name. Add on the series that I finished from seasons pass and those that I completed ages ago, it is needless to say that I have a lot of material to review. Hopefully, once exams are over this week, I can get back to writing, since it is a goal of mine of to at least have 35 titles reviewed this year. Not sure if that will happen or not

Non Non Biyori by Tetsujin Momoko


On the front of video games, sadly my list has been kind of bare. Besides breaking into my copy of Pokemon Y earlier than anticipated, snagging some deals in insomnia sale (that I have to yet to play), level grinding in Disegea D2, and dying more times than I count in Spelunky HD, that is about all. Regardless, I am very excited for the holiday season, since my mother finally showed me that she did indeed get the VITA I wanted - which magically added a bunch of release dates to my calendar next year. I have already contemplated getting Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God and Ys Memories of Celceta, but also fairly certain that I will also be getting Zero Escape (I could have gotten the 3DS version, but found out it had save bug). In response to the latter, I have also been trying to play 999, but I barely even touched it. Anyway, besides that, I am also happy that I will be able to import a few titles that I only been able to dream of playing, since localization for the ones mind seem slim at best. Although, with Conception II, Neptunia PP, and even Senran Kagura Burst lucky enough to get honored for a U.S release - I am bit hopefully that next year will bring more surprises and titles I am looking forward to.


With any luck, next year around Fall or Winter,I should be graduating from college and getting out to into the workforce (Wow, I make it sound so easy it isn't). That being said, I won't have the luxury of blogging like I do now, but since I do not intend to quit yet either - I am sure I will get plenty of rare moments of when I can. Looking to diversify content in the future, I have also come up with a couple of ideas that I have had on back burner for quite sometime, but finally feel up to putting them to use. I won't speak to any specifics on what they are, but one that I did have in mind was showcasing my collection of anime dvds, manga, games, and other memorabilia. Some of it is really aged (especially the items in storage), so to perverse my memory of the various things I own, I thought blogging it would be perfect. I am also looking forward to adding more my collection, but think I will have to wait until I am done with settling school loans. Ah, the life of an enthusiast isn't without great sorrow and suffering to the wallet

~Well, that should do for this rambling edition of the logbook~
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