Monday, January 6, 2014

All Points Bulletin: Spontaneous Sherlock

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

Alain's picks:

* A very personal review of Sleeping Dogs from the Super Amazing Number One blog.

Dave and Joel tackle the end of the Battle Tendency arc of the Jojo's anime.

Chaos Theater looks at the Irresponsible Captain Tylor!

I think the correct term would be jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon. But This time All Geeks Considered looks at Disney's The Black Hole.

I always love that they still make Utena merchandise. Now when are we going to see Penguindrum boots?

This random episode of the OSMCast is dominated by my RPG questions in the second half.

Kate's picks:

A new game from the makers of MYST. Obduction transports you to a far off planet to explore, and you aren't alone. *

The match had to be canceled because the time clock stopped working and neither side seemed to be damaging the other. * I don't understand why this is being done, but sure whatever!

Sir Ian McKellen will he'd be taking on the iconic role of Sherlock Holmes, can I get a "hell yes!"?

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